Offers expected by today for Big Istanbul Tunnel

The deadline for giving offer for preliminary analysis of Big Istanbul Tunnel project is today.

16 companies/consortiums had bought tender documents for the preliminary analysis of Big Istanbul Tunnel project, connecting European and Asian sides of Istanbul by road and rail. 12 of them applied for the tender. 6 of these companies/consortiums were elected by the Transportation Ministry, and now offers are expected from them till the end of today.

Big Istanbul Tunnel in 10 Questions

The preliminary analysis of the project is expected to cost TL 35mn (€ 11mn) which is expected to last about one year. TL 7.5mn is allocated for the project this year.

The tunnel is between first and second Bosphorus bridges. Cars will pass through the tunnel as well as the metro connecting Bakirkoy to Sogutlucesme (Kadikoy).

The Big Istanbul Tunnel Route
The Big Istanbul Tunnel Route. Map: Transportation Ministry

The tunnel and connections are expected to cost USD 3.5bn. The project is expected to built by “build-operate-transfer” method.

Cover Photo: Transportation Ministry

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