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Nightmare for Europe-Turkey trains

Due to engineering works for rail bridges on Halkali-Cerkezkoy-Corlu railway, Halkali is getting prepared for another closure.

The engineering works on Halkali-Cerkezkoy-Corlu line are a part of the project of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) for strengthening the  bridges for earthquakes. By this project, six bridges in Catalca (64 and 66. km), Kabakca (72, 74 and 75. km) and Kizilpinar (131. km) regions will be renewed.

The engineering works have to be done during summer, where the water flow is minimum which will take 2 months. During these works, no trains will run on line. TCDD is also planning to complete the electrification works during this closure.

If Halkali and Cerkezkoy terminals are closed, trains running between Turkey and Europe will have to stop at Corlu. Corlu Terminal has a narrow loading platform, limited shunting/parking lines and is far away from customs office.

It’s disappointing that these works were not done during 2-years-long closure and now on the table when the train traffic starts to revitalize.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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