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Will Halkali be closed again?

Halkalı Terminal may again be closed to rail traffic due to problems in bridges.

After kept closed for more than two years, Halkali Terminal was opened by the end of 2015 and started to be used by two container operators, first Metrans and then Rail Cargo/Balo. Now the Cerkezkoy-Halkali railway, the only rail connection of Halkali Terminal, is requested to be closed due to engineering works on rail bridges.

If this request of TCDD Rail Construction Department accepted, Halkali will be kept closed at least for 3 months.

By closure of terminal two years ago and relocating at Cerkezkoy Terminal, the container trains had lost many clients because of uncertainty and increasing trucking costs. Halkali Terminal is not working with full capacity since electrification and signalization works have not been completed. The terminal has also lost its attractiveness a bit after main customs moved to Catalca. If this closure happens, it will surely cause big problems for the operators.

Today, a meeting is held between TCDD officers and operators to solve this problem.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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