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Farewell to Omfesa

Omfesa, the first swapbody train operator of Turkey, has come to end.

Omfesa is a joint venture company founded in 2004 by Omsan Logistics, Turkey’s leading logistics company and Transfesa, Spain’s leading railway company.

Omfesa train was Turkey’s first swapbody train, and became a tough competitor for trucks by offering 3mt inner height and side curtains. Trains had reached to 5 departures in each direction between Cologne, Germany and Kosekoy, Istanbul. This train was the first container train running between Asian side of Turkey and Europe, carrying mainly Ford Otosan’s loads.

Two years ago, Ford loads was shifted to Trieste and Omfesa train ended by that time. Some of the wagons and swapbodies were started to be used by Turkey-France train. By the end of France train, Omfesa has come to end.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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