547 - Omfesa swapbodies at Kapikule - OnurRail Freight

France train service to end

The regular container/swapbody train between Turkey and France, mainly transporting Renault loads, has done its last service.

The train was being organized by Transfesa, Spanish railway company owned by Deutsche Bahn. The loads were using regular container train service between France and Romania, and then were coming as group wagons from Romania to Turkey.

By this week the container service to Turkey will end, and all loads of Renault will start to be transported by trucks again. The efficient and regular Ro-Ro service between Turkey and France/Italy has given trucks a big advantage.

TCDD was giving a big importance to Renault loads where Tekirdag-Derince ferry was almost organized according to Renault loads. We’ll see how ferry service will continue after this week.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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