553 - Halkalı Terminali - EksperRailway Infrastructure

Halkalı ready for conventional trains

After opening for container block trains at the beginning of this year, Halkali now gets prepared for the conventional traffic.

After kept closed for more than 2 years, Cerkezkoy-Halkali was opened at the beginning of this year, but without signalization and electrification. Due to this limited capacity, only container trains were allowed since then.

Halkali was quite succesful to strengthen the railway traffic with a better location and wider terminal area. Metrans, the first to start service to/from Halkali after opening, had reached to 6 weekly eastbound trains.

Expectations of conventional traffic from Halkali is even more where Halkali used to be the best terminal in Turkey, in terms of handling and storage facilities.

Having overcome more than 10 weekly trains in one direction, Halkali is now getting prepared for giving service also for conventional wagons. That will help truck union in Halkali, which is suffering especially after trucks customs moved to Catalca.

The first conventional train is expected to reach to Halkali within this month.

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©


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