CI is out: Trans-Eurasian transportation networks

The new issue of Caucasus International with the theme “Trans-Eurasian transportation networks, transportation politics and economics in Eurasia” is out.

Caucasus International, the academic journal published by Center for Strategic Studies in Baku (SAM), has many articles related with Turkey in last issue.

Can Turkey Replace Russia in China-Europe Rail Traffic?

Here below are some of the articles in Caucasus International Summer 2016:

  • Transport networks, Eurasia’s economic ‘synchronization’, and the end of a flat world Jacopo Maria Pepe
  • Azerbaijan in the silk road economic belt: A Chinese perspective Bai Lianlei
  • Linking the silk road economic belt and the Eurasian economic union: Mission impossible? Alexander Libman
  • Iron silk road: How will Turkey be involved? Onur Uysal
  • Trans-Caspian corridor: Geopolitics of transportation in Central Eurasia Azad Garibov
  • East-west transportation corridor TRACECA and sub-regional development in the Black Sea region of Turkey Osman Karamustafa ve Ali İhsan Kahraman
  • Trans-Eurasian transportation networks and economic integration within wider Eurasia: Role of Kazakhstan Richard Weitz
  • The development of the transport sector in Azerbaijan: The implementation and challanges Rovshan Ibrahimov
  • Transport potential of the Caspian Sea: Prospects and limitations Stanislav Pritchin

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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