635 - Freight wagons at Derince - OnurRail Freight

Which company should get which licence in rail freight?

Not every company can do railway transport from now on.

The companies which are going to do transport on rail should get licence from Transport Ministry. So, which company should get which licence?


Any company which wants to run its own/leased loco should get DB2 licence.


Any logistic company which wants to organize transportation with TCDD and other train operators should get DD licence. These companies can prepare freight invoice on its behalf. This will most probably be the most requested licence in Turkey.


Companies which will be the agency of a train operator or organizator should get DE licence. These companies can only prepare invoice on behalf of the mother company. Agencies are expected to be founded mainly in passenger transportation.


Logistic companies which organizes the whole transport on behalf of its client and gets commission for this should get DF licence. DF licensed companies cannot prepare freight invoice. Commissoners are responsible for the correct organization of transport, but not for the transport.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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