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1600 gross ton train on Turkish rails

Trains weighing 1600 gross tonnes have started to run on Turkish rails where maximum gross ton was 1300 tonnes until this month.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS, getting prepared to compete with private operators, had stepped forward with 1600 gross tonnes trains which will contribute to efficiency and profitability. Until the beginning of this month, maximum gross weight for block trains was 1300 tonnes, where by this month, 1600 gross tonnes trains are started to be accepted at European side.

The first step for this important development about competitiveness was the trial train of Metrans which had arrived Kapikule on 6th of August. The train was coming with 18 wagons/40 containers and arrived Halkali succesfully next day early in the morning. Beginning with that trial train, Metrans started to run 1600 gross tonnes trains on Europe-Turkey route.

Metrans, running 5-6 trains every week in each direction, had inked special contracts allowing 1600 gross tonnes with train operators in Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

In order to widen the 1600 gross tonnes in all over Turkey, strong locos are not enough but also gradients must be under certain level or train must be supported by additional loco from the end.

Cover Photo: Metrans ©

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  1. It is strange that there has been a national maximum weight limit. It is normal to have specific maximum weights according to the route, and the strength of the vehicle couplings, as well as the power of the locomotives. Such information should be included in the TCDD Network Statement.

  2. not any network statement published until now.. not to my knowledge. but it’s included in the annual procedure of railway authority, so we’ll see it soon.

    1300 was a common limit for all block trains to Europe, as the max common weight limit on way.. But not anymore..


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