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Skoda awarded Eskisehir tram tender

Skoda Transportation has received an order of 14 trams for Eskisehir.

The result of Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality’s tender for 14 new tram sets to extend its fleet was just announced. Skoda won the tender with a better offer than Turkish tram manufacturer Bozankaya. Skoda had also supplied 72 of same trams to another Turkish city, Konya. The order is worth more than 26.3 million Euros.

New tram sets have batteries and can operate without catenary more than one kilometer. In some of the future extensions, this property will be used. 12 of 72 tram sets of Konya have the same property, thus trams run without catenary through old city.

Skoda’s ForCity Classic trams are 30 meter long, air-conditioned and offer space for up to 276 passengers. Trams have a unidirectional design and fit a gauge of 1000 mm. There’ll be no stairs inside these low-floor trams.

Bozankaya, the producer of Kayseri trams, also gave offer for this tender, which was about 30 million Euros.

Cover Photo: Skoda Transportation ©


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