How to get to high speed train in Eskisehir?

Eskisehir has strong high speed train connections and train station can be accessed by tram from all important attraction points of city.

Two lines of Eskisehir’s award-winning tram system (Estram), SSK-Osmangazi and SSK-Otogar, is passing through Espark. Each lines has a frequency of 13 minutes and trams run from early morning to late night (Click for tram timetable).

Eskisehir Train Station Map

Otogar (Main Bus Station)

Get on Otogar-SSK tram, get off at Espark stop, walk 400 mt.

High Speed Lines of Turkey – The Complete Guide

Osmangazi University

Get on Osmangazi-SSK tram,  get off at Espark stop, walk 400 mt.

There’s also a bus service between station and Osmangazi University, number 27 (black). But frequency is very low (Click for timetable)

Anadolu University

Get on Otogar-SSK tram in Otogar direction. There are two stops: Anadolu University and Eczacilik. 4 stops after Eczacilik and 2 stops after Anadolu University, you’ll reach Espark stop. Walk 400 mt from there.

Odunpazarı by Odunpazari Municipality

Odunpazari Old Houses

You can reach to Ataturk Lisesi stop easily from Odunpazari Old Houses, Eskisehir’s one of the most famous attraction points (200 mt from Malhatun Square). Get on Otogar-SSK tram in SSK direction, get off at Espark stop, walk 400 mt.

City Center (Carsi)

Carsi (bazaar) area becomes the center for entartainment and cultural activities of Eskisehir, especially after Porsuk river had been rehabilitated. Get on one of the two tram lines, Otogar-SSK or Osmangazi-SSK in SSK direction. Get off after 2 stops, at Espark stop, and walk 400 mt.

Eskisehir Stadium

Eskisehir stadium will soon be replaced with a bigger one out of the city. Ones who follow the last games can get on Osmangazi-SSK tram in SSK direction from the Stadium stop, get off at Espark and walk 400 mt.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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3 thoughts on “How to get to high speed train in Eskisehir?

  1. Thanks, Onur. Very interesting and useful information. It is a shame, however that EsTram doesn’t actually call at the station, especially for passengers with luggage, etc.

  2. While the new tunnel section was being built, there used to be a level crossing between the trams and the main line from Eskisehir to Ankara, near the current Espark tram stop. This was controlled by a man with a flag; when the bell rang to say a main line train was coming, the man with the flag would emerge from his hut and flag down any trams to a halt, until the main line train had passed. It was quite bizarre to travel on a YHT and see trams waiting to cross immediately after you passed! This unusual operation ceased once the new tunnels opened.

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