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  1. Thanks, Onur. Very interesting and useful information. It is a shame, however that EsTram doesn’t actually call at the station, especially for passengers with luggage, etc.

    • You’re welcome. I did it first for myself, and then shared in Rail Turkey. And it’s really sad not to have a more encouraging tram stop.

  2. While the new tunnel section was being built, there used to be a level crossing between the trams and the main line from Eskisehir to Ankara, near the current Espark tram stop. This was controlled by a man with a flag; when the bell rang to say a main line train was coming, the man with the flag would emerge from his hut and flag down any trams to a halt, until the main line train had passed. It was quite bizarre to travel on a YHT and see trams waiting to cross immediately after you passed! This unusual operation ceased once the new tunnels opened.

  3. Hi can you provide me with some info if i arrived early morning to eskichechir what i have to do first sazova park ? Or porsuk river which one is next to train station because i have to return to Istanbul on the same day if i can call uber for my transportation pls some info

    • People from Eskisehir would better answer this, but I strongly suggest you to have a walk through the Porsuk River, have a tea/coffee there..


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