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Balikesir-Kutahya train departed

After 3 years, passenger trains restarted running on Balikesir-Kutahya section.

Due to the electrification and signalization works, passenger trains had stopped running on Balikesir-Kutahya section in 2013. The first train on this route, Balikesir-Kutahya regional express started service on 1st of September.

The service is being given by diesel loco and 3 standard carriages. Timetable is as follows:


  • 06:00 Balıkesir dep.
  • 10:33 Tavşanlı arr.
  • 10:35 Tavşanlı dep.
  • 11:37 Kütahya arr.


  • 16:25 Kütahya dep.
  • 17:28 Tavşanlı arr.
  • 17:31 Tavşanlı dep.
  • 22:03 Balıkesir arr.

The fare for standard passenger on Balıkesir-Kütahya regional express is about € 7.

Kutahya-Balikesir train timetable, options and ticketing

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©

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