Railway Infrastructure

Izmir – Balikesir railway now electrified

An important step has taken in electrification of Izmir-Balikesir railway: Electric is given to wires for test.

The electrification works which started in March 2015 between Balikesir and Manisa have been completed and tests have started on the line. Due to high voltage, citizens are warned not to approach the railway section.

TCDD continues electrification of 1476 km conventional line all over Turkey. By the completion of these works, electrified conventional lines will be doubled and reach to 5107 km long.

The electrification works are focused mainly on the railway sections where there’s heavy freight traffic. The energy cost of a 1000 gross tonnes electric train is less than one third of a diesel train.

The completely electrified Manisa-Balikesir railway is not expected to be available before October 2016, since construction works continue in Savastepe Tunnel. There’s only Menemen-Manisa section (66 km) left without electrification on Izmir-Balikesir railway.


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