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2 more years for level crossings

The deadline for standardizing level crossings extended for 2 more years.

3 years ago, strict rules had been introduced for level crossings, and TCDD was charged to complete standardizing in 3 years. Yesterday, this deadline was postponed to 2018.

Here are some examples from rules for level crossing:

Not level crossing to everywhere

Level crossings will not be accepted in new railway lines, where train speed exceeds 160 km/h, where cars cannot see 500 meter of railway freely in each direction and in curves wiht radius less than 500 meter.

Barriers to dense lines

If train traffic is dense but speed is under 160 km/h, visual and audial signs and barriers will be used.

Under/overpass for very dense lines

If train speed is over 160 km/h and/or rail and car traffic is very dense, level crossings are not allowed. Underpasses or overpasses should be constructed.

Easy-pass for road vehicles

The road will be on the same level with rail in 50 meters of both sides. In order to pass easily, the ground will be coated by rubber or composite material.

Standard signs

There’ll be “emergency phones” in both sides of level crossing.

There’ll be stop line and sign 5 meter away from railway.

There’ll be “Attention. Level crossing. Sound the horn”.

Lights will have TS EN 12368 standard.

Certificated staff

Staff, working for 7/24 in man-controlled barriers, will have certification.

Improper level crossings to be closed

By the end of “permitted period”, governers will close all improper level crossings within 6 months.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. These measures are long overdue. The safety record at level crossings in Turkey is exceptionally poor. Better enforcement of driving standards is also urgently needed.


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