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Here is the new luxury high speed train of Turkey

The new high speed train of Turkey, Velaro TR, is on show at Innotrans.

The last set of TCDD’s order of 7 high speed train sets which Siemens was awarded is being displayed at Innotrans before taken to Turkey.

One of the new features of Velaro TR is the compartments in Business Class coach. The compartments have 4 seats each where people can have meetings during travel. These compartments are expected to be frequently used by businessmen and politicians.

Siemens Velaro TR kompartıman

The restaurant cars in new sets have modern look. Although the food in TCDD trains is no more delicious as it was in old days, restaurant cars may increase the pleasure. Restaurant/bistro car has 33 seat capacity.


Business Class coach has 2+1 seats. Media screen is no more at back of seats, but at sides. And screen is bigger.

Siemens Velaro TR business class

Ekonomi Class coaches are similar to existing ones with 2+2 seats.

Siemens Velaro TR Ekonomi Class

Each new train set has 45 business class seat, 3 business class compartments each having 4 seats,  424 economy class seats and space for wheel chairs. Total passenger capacity of the train is 483

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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