654 - Stadler sleepers - Pert KaderavekRolling Stock

Baku-Ankara train on show

Stadler presented one car of the Baku-Ankara train produced for Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) at Innotrans.

The presented car was the first class sleeper with 8 compartments, each having two beds.

Stadler Baku sleeper interior
1st class sleeper – berths

Each first class compartment has a vacuum toilet and a shower.

Stadler Baku sleeper interior
1st class sleeper – wc/shower

The interior seems quite luxury supported with oriental accessories.

Stadler Baku sleeper interior
1st class sleeper

Stadler was awarded for 30 cars of order by ADY in June 2014. Each train will have 10 cars, 1 first class sleeper, 6 second class sleeper, 1 mixed sleeper, 1 special sleeper and 1 restaurant car, totally having 257 beds.

The cars were announced to be delivered between mid-2016 and mid-2017, but have not started yet. New delivery program will be announced after negotiations between Stadler and ADY completed.

The most interesting feature of the sets is the ability to move both on broad gauge of Azerbaijan and Georgia (1520mm) and standard gauge of Turkey (1435mm). The changeover will be at Akhalkalaki by passing through a special track connecting broad gauge to standard gauge, which is quite fast.

Cover Photo: Petr Kaderavek ©
Other Photos: Onur Uysal ©


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