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Kocaeli tram hosted first guests at Innotrans

Durmazlar’s low-floor tram for Kocaeli city was presented at Innotrans.

Durmazlar has been participating Innotrans regularly as exhibitor and had presented two vehicles in last fair: Silkworm tram and Green City LRV. This year, the company participated again with a big booth. Durmazlar’s tram was the only rail vehicle on show case area that produced in Turkey.

Durmazlar Innotrans 2016

The set is the first of 12-tram-sets-order of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Compared with the first tram of Durmazlar, Silkworm, this tram is wider and can take more passengers (300 passenger capacity). Tram’s bogie is also developed by Durmazlar.

Durmazlar tramvay

The deliveries of the tram will start on October 2016 and should be completed by March 2017 according to contract. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality had announced that the tram line will be ready by first quarter of 2017.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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