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Software competition in railway

As rolling stock fleets and market grows in Turkey, software companies pay more attention to Turkish market.

German IVU Traffic Technologies AG recently announced entry to Turkish market by inking a contract with Kayseri tram operator Kayseri Ulasim. IVU’s planning and crew modules will be used by Kayseri Ulasim. Modules will be in Turkish and implementation will be completed in 6 months.

Although foreign companies dominate the software market, Turkish institutions and companies progress a lot as well.

Tübitak Bilgem

Tübitak Bilgem is on top in the local IT companies. The interlocking systems and traffic control center developed by the company was first started to be used at Mithatpasa Station. New Ankara high speed train station will also use these systems. Tübitak Bilgem is also developing National Railway Signalization Project which will first go live on Denizli-Isparta-Afyon railway.


Savronik, which has important products in aviation and railway, had participated Innotrans with a huge booth. The company is producing on-board equipments, signalization and information systems for railway. Savronik’s “train information system” is being used by TCDD to follow all trains.


Turkey’s biggest tram producer Durmazlar is developing its own software. The tram management system of Panorama tram displayed at Innotrans is developed in-house.


Aselsan, mainly focused on defence industry projects, also develop software for railway. The company is getting prepared to renew all traction systems of Ankara metro cars including the train control and management system.

Tübitak Mam

Tübitak Mam becomes an important player in railway software market. Tübitak Mam’s train control and management system (Trays) is used in Turkey’s first 100% locally produced electric shunting loco, E1000.


Samulaş, the tram operator of Samsun, prefered cooperating with Samsun Ondokuz Mayis University for its software needs. The software to follow trams is developed in cooperation with the university and Samsun Teknopark. The software cost TL 100k (€ 30k) where global IT companies’s offers were about TL 10mn (€ 3mn).

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