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Rail Turkey Mag is out

The third issue of Rail Turkey Mag is about railway investments in Turkey.

Rail Turkey Mag, the bi-monthly Turkish railway review, focuses on the huge railway investments all over Turkey.

Headlines from new issue of Rail Turkey Mag are:

  • Iron silk road soon to open
  • Two rail connections between Europe and Asia
  • Electrification revolution
  • Rail solutions for traffic jam
  • € 3 billion tender
  • 10 000 km long high speed line
  • USD 23 billion of infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Huge support fro local production

Rail Turkey Mag will be sent by mail to professionals who are interested in Turkish railways and working in railway industry, logistics or clients of railway companies. This issue is being sent to 1491 professionals.

If you’d like to get free copy of Rail Turkey Mag, please click.

Rail Turkey Mag No:3


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