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Fuel incentive for railways in Iran

Iran Railways (RAI) will get huge incentive from government in return for increasing its freight and passenger volumes.

Incentives cover transit freight and passenger traffic. Iran Railway will get 35-liter-equivalent incentive for every 1000-ton-km increase in transit traffic and 20-liter-equivalent incentive for every 100-passenger-km increase. This means, fuel costs of every new transport will be funded by government.

The inventive will only be given in case of increase in traffic, and may reach up to USD 7.5 bn within 10 years.

The transit traffic is seen as an effective way of breaking the sanctions, thus many steps had been taken to increase rail freight. New rail connection to Turkmenistan, discount in transit rail freight, new rail connection projects to Iraq and Azerbaijan are some of these.

Iran has similar volumes with Turkey in railways. Rail network is 13 000 km. Total freight traffic is 31 mn tonnes. Public transportation reaches 13 bn passenger-km.

Cover Photo: Kabelleger / David Gubler [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons ©


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