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Marmaray engineering works still too slow

The Marmaray project which citizens of Istanbul are waiting curiously and anxiously could not speed up yet.

The first phase of totally-76-km-long project, the Bosphorus tunnel, was commissioned in 2013. The same year, the suburban services on both sides of Istanbul ended, since second phase had started.

Since the second phase is covering the surface lines, it was expected to end very quickly, and should be commissioned last year. With a new agreement, the deadline for the project was postponed to end of 2017.

However, things are not going fast in Marmaray. Construction works can only be seen in some regions like Halkali and Bostanci. The retaining walls have not been completed yet. After walls, there are many important steps like ground works, laying of rails, completion of stations, signalization and electrification.

The contractor, famous with large well-equipped staff, is told to have a strategy like splitting the project into small pieces and finding sub-contractors working with low profit.  In any case, company’s current strategy does not succeed yet in speeding up the things. Working with many sub-contractors would also need a very tight supervision and audit of the them as well.

Taking over of the project as sub-contractor by the companies leading the huge projects in Turkey is one of the solutions started to be talked.

Of course, it’s a big question mark that why such an important project which government and public keep eyes on very closely and which will be the backbone of Istanbul public transport with connected metros has delayed that much.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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