659 - Ankara hızlı tren garı - JeffPassenger

Double opening on 29th of October

TCDD is getting prepared to open the new Ankara high speed train station and the new high speed train to service.

The new high speed train station whics has been built by “build-operate-transfer” method will be commissioned on 29th of October. The new station is next to existing one. The visitors of this new station will not be only the train passengers, but also the customers of commercial offices, hotel and shopping center.

The new station will be connected with the current station and the public transportation system of Ankara. 20k passengers are expected to use the station at the beginning, where this number will go up to 50k after opening of Sivas, Izmir and Bursa lines.

Another opening on 29th of October is expected to be the start of service of Siemens Velaro TR high speed train set. Siemens was awarded for 7 train sets and first was delivered in 2014. This Velaro D type set is running on Ankara-Konya line.

Interior of the new sets (Velaro TR) are redesigned based on TCDD’s demands. There are more seats in new sets and special compartments. First Velaro TR set is expected to start service on 29th of October and remaining 4 sets will until the end of this year. The last Velaro TR was displayed at Innotrans last week. This train is expected to be delivered to Turkey in following days.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©


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