Penalty for train delays

The infrastructure operator TCDD will charge train operators for delays and cancellations.

As published in “2017 network statement”, there’ll be penalties for cancellation of planned trains and trains departing/arriving with delays.

The new system will force train operators for minimizing last-minute cancellations, delays at departure and arrival. Thus, both the train operators and the clients are expected to follow plans. This will surely increase the predictability of train transportation.

Some of the penalties in network statement are as follows:

Cancellation of planned train before 60 days prior to departure 150 TL
Cancellation of planned train in last 5 days prior to departure 150 TL + complete access fare
Delay in regional passenger train 1 TL/min after 15 minutes
Yük treninin gecikmesi 1 TL/min after 60 minutes

The train operator which causes delay of other operator’s trains will be responsible for the penalties of other train operators as well.

Competition for passengers to warm up in 2009

Although the amounts are not so high, delays will be measurable and there’ll be financial impacts.

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