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Turkey’s busiest train stations

Passenger trains are getting slightly over 1% of share among all travels.

Despite this, rail transportation is very important in some routes and get an important share from passenger traffic.

Here are Turkey’s cities with busiest traffic:

#10 – Denizli ve Manisa

There two trains departing from Manisa and 7 other trains calling at the city. Manisa is #10 with 18 trains/day.

Denizli has a traffic of 18 trains/day. Izmir, Soke and Eskisehir train services are available from/to Denizli.

Denizli Train Station

#9 – Arifiye

Arifiye has 20 trains/day traffic. Trains calling here are Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Konya and Ada Express.

Arifiye Train Station

#8 – Aydin

Aydin is #8 with 22 trains/day. 4 different train services call at Aydin to/from Izmir, Denizli, Nazilli and Soke.

Aydın Train Station

#7 – Istanbul (Pendik) and Izmit

Both cities have a traffic of 26 trains/day. Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Konya high speed trains and Ada Express is calling at these cities.

İstanbul (Pendik) Train Station

Izmit Train Station

#6 – Konya

Ankara and Eskisehir high speed trains and Izmir and Adana main line trains are calling at Konya. City has 28 trains/day.

Konya Train Station

#5 – Eskisehir

Eskisehir is a railway hub with 36 trains/day. Ankara-Eskisehir, Istanbul-Ankara and Istanbul-Konya high speed trains are calling here. Also main line and regional trains to/from Izmir, Denizli, Kutahya, Afyon, Tavsanli are available.

Eskişehir Train Station

#4 – Mersin

Mersin is the fourth busiest train station with 48 trains/day. 42 of them are to/from Adana. Others are to/from Iskenderun and Islahiye.

Mersin Train Station

#3 – Ankara

Ankara Station is #3 with a traffic of 50 trains/day. 46 of them are high speed trains to/from Eskisehir, Konya and Istanbul. There are also main line trains to Kars, Kurtala and Tatvan, currently being done by bus connections from Ankara Main Station due to Baskentray Project.

Ankara Train Station

#2 – Izmir

Izmir Basmane is the second busiest train station with 52 trains/day. It has also the maximum train connections among all stations with 12 different trains. There are train services to Denizli, Eskisehir, Konya, Balikesir, Usak, Bandirma, Soma, Alasehir, Nazilli, Odemis, Soke and Tire from Izmir.

İzmir (Basmane) Train Station

#1 – Adana

Adana is the busiest train station of Turkey with 54 trains/day. In addition to 42 trains to/from Mersin, there are train services to/from Kayseri, Elazig, Konya. Also Mersin-Iskenderun and Mersin-Islahiye trains are calling at Adana.

Adana Train Station

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Some of the freight yards look as spacious and as modern as their counterparts in N. America!


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