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Turkey’s busiest train stations

Passenger trains are getting slightly over 1% of share among all travels.

Despite this, rail transportation is very important in some routes and get an important share from passenger traffic.

Here are Turkey’s cities with busiest traffic:

#10 – Denizli ve Manisa

There two trains departing from Manisa and 7 other trains calling at the city. Manisa is #10 with 18 trains/day.

Denizli has a traffic of 18 trains/day. Izmir, Soke and Eskisehir train services are available from/to Denizli.

Denizli Train Station
#9 – Arifiye

Arifiye has 20 trains/day traffic. Trains calling here are Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Konya and Ada Express.

Arifiye Train Station
#8 – Aydin

Aydin is #8 with 22 trains/day. 4 different train services call at Aydin to/from Izmir, Denizli, Nazilli and Soke.

Aydın Train Station
#7 – Istanbul (Pendik) and Izmit

Both cities have a traffic of 26 trains/day. Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Konya high speed trains and Ada Express is calling at these cities.

İstanbul (Pendik) Train Station
İzmit Train Station
#6 – Konya

Ankara and Eskisehir high speed trains and Izmir and Adana main line trains are calling at Konya. City has 28 trains/day.

Konya Train Station

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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