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Most beautiful train routes travelling while lying

# 6 – Izmir – Konya train (Konya Mavi)

This overnight train running between two touristic cities of Turkey, Izmir and Konya has not been popular as others yet.

There’s no other option other than bus and train on this route. Train steps forward with comfort

There is only sleeper option in this train and also restaurant car. Sleepers are not sold out as fast as others.

The route is 689 km and travel time is 12 hours. City centers train is calling are Manisa, Usak and Afyon.

Photo: Berktug Sebin

The route is not very long, thus travel is limited with night time.

Izmir train station as at center of city, and it’s walking distance at Konya. There are also good hotels around Konya train station.

Konya Mavi (Konya-Izmir) timetable, options and ticketing

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  1. I would also suggest the routes serving Adana from Ankara and the (former? I hope it runs again!) one from Haydarpasa too: the section down from Ülükisla to Yenice especially is stupendous!


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