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Most beautiful train routes travelling while lying

# 3 – Istanbul – Bucharest train

Another train running during summer is Bucharest train. Train is also known as Bosphor Express.

Similar to Belgrade train, it’s a couple of coaches attached to Sofia Express. These coaches are attached to Bucharest train at Dimitrovgrad.

Photo: Onur Uysal

This train has several options, 2-bed sleeper, 3-bed sleeper, 4-bed couchette.

There’s no restaurant car, you need to be prepared for this in advance.

The 940-km-long travel lasts almost one day. Train travels between Istanbul and Sofia during night, and between Sofia and Bucharest during day which makes it possible to see beautiful nature of Balkan region while travelling.

Istanbul train station (Halkali) is far away from city center, but there’s a connected bus service. Train station as at center in Bucharest.

Bucharest-İstanbul timetable, options and ticketing

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  1. I would also suggest the routes serving Adana from Ankara and the (former? I hope it runs again!) one from Haydarpasa too: the section down from Ülükisla to Yenice especially is stupendous!


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