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High speed train timetables updated

TCDD has updated the high speed train timetables due to new phase in Baskentray project.

In order to speed up the Baskentray project for modernizing the Ankara’s suburban trains, TCDD suspended the current suburban service and Polatli-Sincan regional train service completely. The engineering works are planned to last during July and August.

Due to the same works, TCDD also updated the high speed train timetables. Eskisehir-Ankara HST service drops down to 5 departures/day in each direction, and Istanbul-Ankara up to 8.

Eskisehir-Ankara high speed train timetable

Istanbul-Ankara high speed train timetable

Last week, TCDD had also announced the 3rd service on Istanbul-Konya route.

Istanbul-Konya high speed train timetable

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