716 - Electric lines - JeffRailway Infrastructure

Electrification in Turkish railways – 2017

The electrified conventional rail network reached to 23% in Turkey.

By the completed engineering works, the electrification map of Turkish railways become as follows:

716 - Türkiye elektrikli hatlar haritası 2017

Electrification on Turkish rail network (as of end of 2016)

Almost one fourth of 8947-km-long conventional main line network is already electrified. The rail stretches with electric lines (totaly 2007 km long) are as follows:

Electrified rail stretches in Turkey

TCDD has the target of electrifying all network. There are ongoing works, some of which are only for electrification, and others for both renewal and electrification. Total length of these stretches is 1508 km. These stretches are as follows:

716 - Rail stretches electrification works continue

As above engineering works completed, most of the rail traffic in Turkey will move on electrified lines. Furthermore, main cities and all railway connected ports will be connected by electrified lines as well.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©


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