Railway reached Nemrut

One of the Nemrut Bay railway projects, which was under construction for a few years, has recently been commissioned.

The Nemrut Bay which contains many piers of many companies has shown a big growth in recent years. There were 4 rail connection projects in the region. One of them was a terminal project in south of bay, just behind the piers and had recently been completed. The new terminal is connected to the closest rail terminal (Bicerova) with a 6-km-long railway.

This terminal area is at the backyard of Habas, Ege Celik, Baticim, IDC and Ege Gubre piers and expected to attract some loads of them to rail.

731 - Nemrut Bay project

There are three more rail projects in Nemrut Bay:

Rail connection to Petkim and Tupras which are at the north

Rail connection to Nemport which is at the east

The loop line at the south which starts from and ends at new terminal, passing by Baticim, Ege Celik and Habas piers.

Cover Photo: Nemport ©

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