731 - Nemrut Körfezi - NemportRailway Infrastructure

Railway reached Nemrut

One of the Nemrut Bay railway projects, which was under construction for a few years, has recently been commissioned.

The Nemrut Bay which contains many piers of many companies has shown a big growth in recent years. There were 4 rail connection projects in the region. One of them was a terminal project in south of bay, just behind the piers and had recently been completed. The new terminal is connected to the closest rail terminal (Bicerova) with a 6-km-long railway.

This terminal area is at the backyard of Habas, Ege Celik, Baticim, IDC and Ege Gubre piers and expected to attract some loads of them to rail.

731 - Nemrut Bay project

There are three more rail projects in Nemrut Bay:

  • Rail connection to Petkim and Tupras which are at the north
  • Rail connection to Nemport which is at the east
  • The loop line at the south which starts from and ends at new terminal, passing by Baticim, Ege Celik and Habas piers.

Cover Photo: Nemport ©


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