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The first ECM convenience certificate of Turkey

A loco/train set maintenance workshop got ECM convenience certificate for the first time in Turkey.

The certificate is given to TMS which has been doing the maintenance work of HST sets and some locos in Turkey. The certificate is given for all functions (maintenance management, fleet management, maintenance development and service).

Unlike freight wagons, maintenance of which have to be given by ECMs only, there’s no ECM obligation for maintenance of locos and train sets yet neither in Turkey nor in Europe. However, ERA is working on this and the terms may change soon.

TMS is doing maintenance for EMU, DMU, HST sets and locos and yet is one of the two companies with TCDD in this area.

Currently TTS (prepared by TCDD) is used as maintenance procedures of locos in Turkey and hand books of loco/set producers in Europe.

TMS, with this ECM convenience certificate, may also attract the attention of new train operators. It’s not clear if the new operators will be responsible for the maintenance of the rented locos of TCDD or TCDD will provide the maintenance service.

The works for ECM convenience certificate took 4 months together with Neti Danismanlik consulting company. The certificate was given by ERC, certificate company of some of the freight wagon maintenance workshops as well.

Cover Photo: TMS ©


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