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Operators press for cheaper railway

Private train operators have started to perss for some precautions which will increase the efficiency and decrease the costs.

The Railway Transportation Association (DTD), which gathers all current and potential train operators have prepared a number of requets which will increase the efficiency and speed in railways and decrease the costs.

Here the those precautions:

Axle load limits up

Although 22.5 to axle load has spreaded to many lines, there are some short lines with huge traffic which allows max 20 to axle load. This means a 4ax wagon would carry 10 to less every time.

DTD states that 4 lines, 244-km-long in total (Ankara industrial zone-Sinca, Tavsanli-Tuncbilek, Karaman-Ulukisla and Narli-Gaziantep) should be given priority.

Electrification plans

Electrification works continue in many sections of Turkish rail network. But the schedules are not shared. Train operators want to know the deadlines of electrification works so that they can decide which type of loco to invest in.

Infrastructure access rates down

Train operators stated that current access fee is about 10% of all costs. The current fee is 2 TL/train-km and operators request that to be decreased to 0.5 TL/train-km.

Longer trains

The average max train length permitted is about 500 meter in Turkey. This decreases to 375 meter in some sections. In Europe, many busy lines have been upgraded to 750 meter. In some countries like Russia, USA this limit is a few kilometers. Private companies request longer trains.

More powerful locos and wagons

There are steep gradients in Turkish railways. Trains passing through these points either carry less or get loco support along that gradient. Private operators  want to use powerful locos with stronger hooks, thus request TCDD to update “network statement” according to 150-to hooks.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©


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