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Another private operator hits the road

After Körfez Taşımacılık, another company is about to complete preparations for being a private train operator.

Omsan Logistics, a company of Oyak Group, being one of the first Turkish companies to make huge investment in railway about 10 years ago, is now getting prepared to become one of the first private train operators of Turkey. The company has already completed safety management sytem and started recruitments. The company is expected to get operator licence and start running its own train within this year.

The main load of Omsan, is expected to be the iron ore from Divrigi to Iskenderun, from one of the Oyak Group companies (Ermaden) to the other (Isdemir). This is the biggest rail load of Turkey with over 2 million tones annually. This route, completely electrified, is the busiest part of Turkish rail network.

All the companies kicking-off in first years of liberalization are expected to supply all needed rolling stock from TCDD Tasimacilik by leasing them. Operators save time, where otherwise they should wait for the production and certification of new locos. TCDD’s this decision to rent locos and wagons was one of the most critical steps which speeds up the liberalization.

Oyak Group is one of the biggest clients of railway transport. The group has many invetments in heavy industry like steel and cement. Together with the iron ore, the group owns about 15% of all rail freight in Turkey.

Cover Photo: Omsan Logistics ©


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