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Logistics centers in Turkey – Which is open?

There are 21 logistic centers by TCDD which are completed, under construction or planned in Turkey.

7 of them are commissioned, 7 are under construction and preliminary analysis continue for the rest.

Here are the logistic centers which are commissioned:

Samsun Gelemen logistics center

The first phase of Samsun Gelemen logistics center was commissioned in 2007.

Gelemen is on the crossing point of transports to/from Russia and Kazakhstan via Black Sea. The center is founded on an area of 350k sqm. Target is to double the traffic to 1.1 mn tonnes/year.

However, the Samsun-Kalin railway renewal project had started in 2015 and Gelemen is not connected to national rail network since then. No rail freight has been handled at Gelemen since then. The line is expected to open next year.

Halkalı logistics center

Halkali has been the heart of rail traffic to Europe. After being kept closed for a long time, the terminal was reopened in 2015 December.

With well-working customs, warehouses, many lines, being very close to industry in Istanbul, it’s one of the most effective rail terminal in Turkey. It’s founded on 1 million sqm area. In 2016, 860k tonnes of freight is handled at terminal. Every week 4 container trains arrive to terminal.

The customs for trucks had moved to Catalca, thus Halkali is now only for trains. It’s in the middle of residential areas. The terminal will also be the main station for high speed trains and Marmaray suburban system. Thus it’s not very clear if it’ll continue to be a freight terminal in long term.

Eskişehir Hasanbey logistics center

Hasanbey logistics center was commissioned in 2014.

It’s at 11km east of Eskisehir, 9 km to Eskisehir industrial zone. Founded on 540k sqm area, it’s one of the most extensive logistics centers in Turkey.

The rail freight in that region was 215k tonnes/year. Logistics center has the target to double it.

The biggest cons of the center are neither having direct rail connection to industrial zone nor warehouse.

Denizli Kaklık logistics center

Kaklık logistics center was commissioned in 2014.

The center is founded on a 120k sqm area which is 40 km on the northeast of Denizli. The target is to increase the rail freight in the region from 150k to 500k tonnes/year.

İzmit Köseköy logistics center

İzmit Köseköy logistics center was once the departure point of swapbody train running between Germany and Turkey. The first phase was commissioned in 2013 and bounded storage area, weighing and additional container storage area were added to center.

It’s yet founded on 115k sqm. When completed, the area will reach to 765k sqm. The tender process for this extension had started. In this new phase, customs offices, warehouses and maintanance shops for rolling stock will be constructed.

Dangerous goods are not allowed at Köseköy. Considering that it’s the closest logistics center to Turkey’s petrochemical industry, this is a big disadvantage.

Uşak logistics center

Uşak logistics center was commissioned in 2013.

The center was founded on 140k sqm. The target is to double the rail freight which was 113k tonnes before.

Balıkesir Gökköy logistics center

Balıkesir Gökköy logistics center was commissioned in 2015.

It’s founded on 211k sqm. The center ha 60k sqm open storage area. It’s very close to industrial zone. As freight operations moved to this new logistics center, the capacity was increased by 1 million tonnes.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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