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Baku Ankara train travel in 38 hours

The train journey by overnight train between Baku and Ankara will last about one and a half days.

More details about Baku train which will start running between Azerbaijan and Turkey in 2018 come out.

The overnight train service that is going to be given by Azerbaijan Railways will complete Baku-Kars stretch in 16-18 hours.

The train has a special abilty to run both on broad gauge and standard gauge continuously without any axle change. The train will follow Kars-Sivas-Kayseri and arrive Ankara.

The travel time from Kars to Ankara is expected to be around 22 hours. This means one will reach from Baku to Ankara in 38-40 hours. Currently, the travel time between Ankara and Kars by Dogu Express is about 25 hours. However, Dogu Express is one of the main transport modal of Northeast Anatolia, where train calls at 53 stations. Baku train will only call at only main stations, thus will complete the same route in less time.

The train service was expected to continue to Istanbul after Marmaray engineering works completed. However, there will be only 3 train sets. It seems not possible to organize a daily service with a travel time of 2 days.

Baku train will have 1 luxury, one comfort and 7 standard sleepers and a restaurant wagon.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. It is not possible to organize a daily service Istanbul-Baku with just 3 train sets. But travellers will never need a daily connection, twice a week will be enough. We should not forget that even the Trans-Asya has even in its best time not done than more as 3 weekly-connections.

  2. I am really looking forward to this new Train! Any word about catering? Do we know if it will have a restaurant?


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