793 - Turkish high speed train - Dusko DjuricPassenger

HST services fall off

New timetable for high speed trains is announced. Total number of services will decrease from 52 to 44.

TCDD Taşımacılık announced new timetable valid from 10th of December.

Most important change in the timetable is decrease of services in some routes. The number of departures decrease from 8 to 7 on Istanbul-Ankara route and from 10 to 7 on Ankara-Konya route.

New HST timetable valid from 10th of December

Another important change is the express services between Istanbul and Ankara. Express trains stop only at Eskisehir. Travel time is less than 4 hours. 2 trains from Ankara and 1 train from Istanbul will give express service.

This change will be in parallel with the decreasing demand during winter. This will also give chance for maintanance of train sets which ran very frequently during summer.

Cover photo: Dusko Djuric ©


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