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Trains now call less, go faster

New timetable for passenger trains announced. Most of the main line trains now start to call at less stations and go faster.

The winter timetable for trains have started to be used as of 10th of December. There are important changes in the new timetables. Some high speed train routes and many main lines have started to call at less stations.

As the stations that trains call are now less, the speed is up. Since trains spend too much energy during first move, there’s expected to be saving from energy costs.

Izmir-Bandırma trains have the most decrease. Stations that trains call decreased from 32 to 18.

With decreasing the number of stations that trains call and decrease the waiting time on line, travel time of many trains are improved. Travel time of Izmir Mavi, Konya Mavi, 6 Eylul, Pamukkale, Toros, Erciyes and Firat express trains are now about half an hour less.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©


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