806 - 2018 kolajRailway Events

What will happen in Turkish railways in 2018?

Next year will be exciting for Turkish railways. 

Here below are the highlights of 2018:


Pre-qualification step for tender of 96 HSTs. Tender contains know-how transfer and local production in Eskisehir.

785 - Hızlı tren - TCDD

For the first time in Turkey, finished vehicles will be transported by rail in domestic routes.

Engineering works will start for third tram line in Antalya (Varsakli-Zerdalilik line).

747 - Antalya tramvayı - Onur

TCDD Tasimacilik will drop discount for private wagons to 35%.

New Van Lake train ferry will start service.

780 - Yeni Van Gölü feribotu - Zakir


Tender for Adana-Mersin high speed line. Tender includes 2 additional tracks, signalization, electrification, over and sub-passes and terminal buildings. Travel time will be 25 minutes.

The second tram line of Izmir, Konak Tram, will be ready for test runs.

773 - İzmir tramvay - İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi

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