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TCDD Tasimacilik grown by 10% in freight

TCDD Tasimacilik has grown by 10% in freight in 2017, carrying an amount of 28.5 mn tons.

In its first year after liberalization and separated from TCDD, TCDD Tasimacilik has managed to increase its freight volume to 28.5 mn tons. This means 10% increase compared with last year.

With this amount, TCDD Tasimacilik has come very close to TCDD’s record of 28.7 mn tons in 2014. With the amount carried by private operators in December, about 250k tons, the total freight volume may have even hit the record.

By 2017, TCDD Tasimacilik’s financial tables will be published for the first time, without the expenses of infrastructure costs. The results are curiously being waited by rail freight industry and its competitors. General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik, Mr Kurt, had stated that very positive figures are reached and it’s not a coincidence.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©


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