825 - Bozankaya TramvayRolling Stock

Turkey focuses on local production

Local production efforts in rail and some other industries will be watched and coordinated in ministry level.

Goverment constituted “Localization Executive Committee” in participation of 5 ministers: Ministers of Science, Industry and Technology; Economy; Customs and Trade, Development and Treasury.

The committee has the target to develop Turkish industry integrated with worldwide markets and increase the share of middle-high and high-tech products in Turkish industry and exports.

Turkey is trying to develop a localization program, which has been successfully applied in defense industry, in target industries. SİP (Collaboration with Industry Program) supports localization in major industries and Tübitak provides financial, research and engineering support.

Turkey plans to supply huge amount of rolling stock which is worth billions of liras in forthcoming years, thus aims to increase local production in this industry. Last year, Government published a circular which was forcing 51% local production in any kind of rolling stock supply. The 96-HST-sets tender is another important step with local production and technology transfer.

Localization in rolling stock and developing a national brand in this industry is on the agenda of both Development Ministry and Science, Industry and Technology Ministry.

Cover Photo: Kayseri Ulaşım ©


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