827 - Port of TriesteRail Freight

Trieste grew fast with railway strategy

The Port of Trieste, having become the main hub of Turkey-Europe intermodal traffic, has continued its fast growth in 2017.

Being connected to Pendik, Ambarli, Yalova, Cesme and Mersin ports in Turkey by Ro-Ro, and having rail connections to many European regions, Port of Trieste continued to grow fast in 2017 as well. Here below are some remarkable figures:

Volume (2017) Change respect to 2016 (%)
Container (TEU) 616.156 % 26.7
Container+trailer+swapbody (TEU) 1.314.953 %13.5
Connected trains 8.681 %13.8

“The railway strategy undertaken is paying off” says the President of Port Authority. Trieste has added new rail connections in 2017: Kiel/Göteborg train towards Baltic and Zeebrugge train connecting UK. Trieste also strengthened its connection to Eastern Europe by increasing the Budapest train to 10 roundtrips per week.

In recent weeks, complaints were received claiming that trains could not meet the fast growth and caused long delays at Port. Port Authority, in responce to these claims, stated that there is no delay of the dimensions claimed, but not even of smaller dimensions.

Cover Photo: Port of Trieste ©


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