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China focused on loco production in Turkey

China, being the biggest rolling stock manufacturer of the world, now increases its efforts to produce locomotives in Turkey.

CRRC, the Chinese rolling stock manufacturer, which is one of the candidates of 96-HST-sets-tender of Turkey in April, has increased its efforts for production of locomotives in Turkey.

Having shown its interest in Tulomsas, CRRC seems to consider Turkey as a way to enter European locomotive and HST market. The existence of CRRC in European market is limited with 2 electric locomotives in Serbia which were delivered last year.

Two questions (44 and 45) which were received in 96-HST-sets tender were interesting:

We request your confirmation that Tulomsas will not be sold until project is completed and if Tulomsas is decided to be sold in 10 years following the completion, the winner of the tender would have the priority to buy it.

We request your confirmation if there’ll be any option to buy Tulomsas in the tender terms.

Both of these questions are clearly answered by tender committee as “there’s no regulation about this in this tender”. Still these  show that one of the candidates try to establish a longer-term strategy about investing in Turkey.

Last month, news took place at main stream media that CRRC signed a contract with Acarlar for production of hybrid and diesel locomotives in Afyonkarahisar. Acarlar Vagon has a maintanance and repair facililty at Afyon for freight wagons.

Since TCDD Tasimacilik’s fleet gets older, due to electrification works more electric locos are needed and private operators will also need new rolling stock by liberalization, over 1 thousand locos are expected to be needed within next 20 years.

Cover Photo: CRRC ©


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