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What will be the new locomotives of Turkey?

500 new locos are expected to be sold for Turkish railways.

Electrification, old loco fleet and new private train operators are the main reasons of this huge procurement.

Here below are the new generation locos that we’ll see on Turkish rail network:


This is the only diesel main line locomotive being produced in Turkey. It’s produced under GE licence. TCDD Tasimacilik has 20 of them. Export of this 6-axle heavy load loco was less than expected. Since Turkey is aiming to reach 100% electrification, demand for this loco is limited.

Hyundai Rotem

This is the only electric main line locomotive being produced in Turkey. It’s produced under Rotem licence in Tulomsas starting from 2014. E68000s failed at the beginning for heavy load on gradients. Spinning has become a real problem especially in bad weather conditions, and traction power falls behind Toshiba locos which are 20 years old. Now the software of locos are renewed. The renewed E68000 is told to overcome those problems.


This is Turkey’s first locally produced loco. This electric shunting loco is developed by Tübitak. The terminal lines are mostly not electrified for easier handling, thus its usage will be very limited.

Hybrid loco

Tülomsas is now designing a new shunting loco which has both diesel and electric engines. DE 11000 body is being used for that. This will probably be the new shunting loco of Turkey.

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