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What will change with Baskentray?

Baskentray, the modernization project of suburban trains of Ankara is about to be commissioned.

The service is announced to start on 16th April 2008. The project, when commissioned, will change the life of not only citizens of Ankara, but also train passengers and clients of freight trains. Here below are the major changes:

Kayas-Sincan is 48 minutes

As the whole line from Kayas to Sincan is signalized and suburban trains run on a separete line than all other trains, it’ll be possible to travel on whole line in 48 minutes.

70 millon less people on roads

Baskentray is planned to carry 200k passengers every day. This means 70 mn passengers, who are currently using buses or cars. With Baskentray, the ridership of rail systems in ankara will reach to 200 mn/year.

Renewed stations

23 stations on way are being renewed. They’ll be suitable for passengers with reduced mobility. The gap between train and ramp is now decreased to 5 cm.

Due to engineering works between Kayas and Lalahan, trains in eastward direction could not depart from Ankara main train station for a while.
Passenger trains to depart from Ankara

The trains to east have been departing from Irmak, where passengers use shuttle service from Ankara main train station. As project is completed, the trains will restart departing from/arriving to Ankara main train station.

Suspended trains will restart

Due to Baskentray project, some of the trains were suspended. Ankara-Malatya, Polatli-Ankara, Marsandiz-Kirikkale are some of them. And Izmir Mavi was running between Eskisehir and Izmir. All or some of these may restart.

Faster trains

HSTs are completing Ankara-Sincan stretch in 20 minutes. The new travel time will be 11 minutes by Baskentray.

More HST services

High speed trains have been using one track during engineering works. They will run on double track by Baskentray. The number of HST services will be increased from 44 to 52 after opening.

Freight trains: Faster and cheaper

The shortest path between east and west of Turkey by rail goes through Ankara. During engineering works, trains using Ankara pass, started to use the alternative way which is longer and more expensive. Freight trains will soon start using the new line via Ankara with no interference with suburban trains nor HSTs.

Metro connection for trains

Construction works continue for extending one metro line to main Ankara train station. However, three train stations are already connected by metro: Kizilay metro at Yenisehir train station, Ankaray at Kurtulus and Maltepe stations.

Stations to be meeting points

In addition to Ankara main train station, which is also a huge shopping center, there will be commercial areas in Eryaman, Sincan, Lale, Etimesgut, Hipodram, Mamak and Kayas train stations. People will spend more time at/around stations.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©


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