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Baskentray opens today

The renewed suburban train service of Ankara opens today.

The suburban service connecting Kayas in one end to Sincan in other end crossing the center of Ankara was suspended for modernization works in 2016. By increasing the tracks on this stretch, suburban trains, HSTs, other passenger trains and freight trains now start to use separete lines.

By modernized signalling system and stations, the trains now are able to move faster, the boarding of passengers are safer and faster. In some stations, commercial areas are built.

The new suburban service is expected to carry 200k passengers everyday. This means 70 million passengers will shift from road to rail annually. With Baskentray, the ridership of rail systems in Ankara will reach to 200 million per year.

It’s possible to reach to 2 HST stations, Ankara main train station and Eryaman station by Baskentray. Yenisehir is the interchange station for Kizilay metro. Kurtulus and Maltepe are the interchange stations for Ankaray.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©


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