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First private train accident got off cheap

Since the liberalization of railway transportation started in 2017, the first accident where one private operator involved was got off lightly.

The accident happened on Monday, where one empty ore train of Omsan Logistics going back to Divrigi from Iskenderun crashed another empty train of the same company at Hekimhan station. 7 wagons derailed and the locomotive had some damage. There’s no death nor injure reported.

One claim is that train entered station despite the red light. Another claim is the wrong signal. The investigation is being done by Accident Investigation Board by Transport Ministry.

The rail stretch was opened again after 4 hours of work by TCDD infrastructure maintanance team.

Iskenderun-Divrigi is the densest rail freight line of Turkey. The daily freight traffic reaches to 18 freight train/day in some of parts of this single-track line.

Click for photos of the accident.


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