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Passenger train surprises by TCDD

Samsun trains back

Samsun-Kalin railway is expected to open by the end of this year. Four trains on this route is in the list: Amasya-Hacibayram, Amasya-Havza, Samsun-Sivas and  Samsun-Amasya.

2 new trains to Gaziantep

Due to security reasons and Gaziray works, Gaziantep has not seen any passenger train for a long time. Now two trains are in the list: Mersin-Gaziantep and Gaziantep-Nusaybin. First shall wait for Gaziray project and other shall wait for the maintanance of line.


A new regional train on the list is Elazig-Malatya train.

New train to Isparta

Isparta will see a passenger train after many years: Izmir-Isparta regional train.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Are they still talking about finishing the rebuild of Halkali-Kazlicesme in 2019? And will European passenger trains from Sirkeci still operate on the ‘old’ route away from Sirkeci towards Halkali? Or will they load/unload like Marmary trains, in an underground tunnel?


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