Urban Transport

How to get to new airport of Istanbul?

4.Levent airport shuttle

The departure point of 4.Levent airport shuttle is at IETT stops, next to metro station.

Public transport connection to 4.Levent shuttle is:

  • M2 – Yenikapi-Haciosman metro (4.Levent station)

The departure times from 4.Levent to Istanbul airport and from Istanbul airport to 4.Levent are as follows (as of January 2019):

4.Levent airport shuttle departures

The shuttle service is given by Havaist, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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  1. We will arrive to Istanbul on the first day of November, and after 12 hours the flight will continue. How can you best get into the city center from the new airport?


  2. Uskudar is like the “ugly girl” of Istanbul. Even though it is a high population area, whenever it comes to airport connections, they are always pathetic. The private Havas Bus line goes to Taksim and Kadikoy, forgeting Uskudar, the regular bus line also goes from Kadikoy to the Sabahinden, again forgetting Uskudar (it would be very easy to start from Uskudar, stop in Kadikoy, and continue) and now the new airport again they forget Uskudar. I have the feeling either Uskudar people don’t travel, or as I suspect they are used to take crap and swallow all of it without complain. They have been constructing the metro area for nearly 6 years, having chaos everyday in the port area, and no one seems to mind. They are content with it as long as you construct a huge unnecessary humongous square.


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