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Biggest railway fair soon to start

World’s biggest railway fair, Innotrans, opens its doors on 18th of September.

Innotrans, the leading railway fair of the world in terms of exhibitors, visitors and fair area, will start on 18th of September at Berlin.

The fair will be open for professionals in first 4 days. The outdoor display area will open to public between 22-23 September.

The fair is held biannually. In 2016, 3955 exhibitors from 60 countries, over 137k visitors from 119 countries were at the fair.

One of the most interesting section of the fair is the outdoor display area. Area has 3500 km long tracks where high speed train sets, trams, locos, freight wagons are displayed. This year, for the first time, there’s a special section for buses.

Daily ticket for the fair is 48 € and permanent ticket is 70 € when bought online.

Cover Photo: Innotrans ©

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