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How to get to new airport of Istanbul?

Ist-4 Bakirkoy airport shuttle

Bus departs from Bakirkoy and calls at following stops (from airport in the reverse direction):

  • Bakirkoy IDO (interchange to sea bus)
  • Atakoy
  • Şirinevler (interchange to metrobus and M1 metro)
  • Kuleli
Stops of Bakirkoy airport shuttle (as of August 2019)

The timetable of Bakirkoy airport shuttle is as follows (no timetable for other stops and airport, departure time depends on traffic):

Timetable of Bakirkoy airport shuttle (as of August 2019)

See exact points of stops at map. The shuttle service is given by Havaist, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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  1. We will arrive to Istanbul on the first day of November, and after 12 hours the flight will continue. How can you best get into the city center from the new airport?

  2. Uskudar is like the “ugly girl” of Istanbul. Even though it is a high population area, whenever it comes to airport connections, they are always pathetic. The private Havas Bus line goes to Taksim and Kadikoy, forgeting Uskudar, the regular bus line also goes from Kadikoy to the Sabahinden, again forgetting Uskudar (it would be very easy to start from Uskudar, stop in Kadikoy, and continue) and now the new airport again they forget Uskudar. I have the feeling either Uskudar people don’t travel, or as I suspect they are used to take crap and swallow all of it without complain. They have been constructing the metro area for nearly 6 years, having chaos everyday in the port area, and no one seems to mind. They are content with it as long as you construct a huge unnecessary humongous square.

    • Good question. Fastest way is to get to Kozyatagi by airport shuttle, get back to Yenisahra (1 station) by metro and get to Havabus (Sabiha Gokcen shuttle). By next year, it’ll be possible to get to Sabiha Gokcen by metro from Kozyatagi.

  3. I intend to visit turkey in august19. Can anybody guide me suitable transport from new airport to Sabiha airport .

  4. How long does the bus take from Kadiköy to arrive at the airport? That’s not listed or explained in the timetable above.

  5. Which bus number goes from Sultanahmet to Istanbul New Airport? As there are lots of buses in Sultanahmet outside Blue Mosque

  6. The Beşiktaş airport shuttle only appears to be half-hourly now according to Havaist.

  7. how much does yellow taxis charge from Istanbul Airport to Umraniye approximately?. Can I pay the taxi driver a fixed price or do they run on meters in which case they could cheat and take me to unnecessary longer route. Please advise.

  8. Hi.
    1- Where is this bus station in the airport and how can i find them??
    2- what is the timetable for the new airport to taksim square station?

  9. Hello!
    Thanks for the summary.
    Where can I see the duration of the rides? Nothing here and nothing even on the official website (( So i.e. Airport – Yenikapi? I understand that bus ride depends on traffic but there must be some estimation?

  10. its really good to see this site that response to public queries. I wrote about passenger train from istanbul to Cappadocia? Is there any? Thank you

  11. which fast train station is near to Istanbul Airport to catch train from Istanbul to Ankara, what is suitable way to reach nearest railway station from Istanbul Airport. Thanks in advance

    • Many thanks ONUR, well acknowledged. Would you mind to assist which shuttle number shall I take from Istanbul Airport to reach Söğütlüçeşme railway station for getting fast train from Istanbul to Ankara

    • Temporarily, trains are not crossing to European side only way to reach train is via Sogutlucesme station. Closest shuttle stop is Kadikoy, bus no 14 or 19. 1.5 km away, 20 min by walk.

  12. Many thanks ONUR, appreciated for quick response, this is very useful.


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